The company started forty-five years ago when the owners decided to address the increasing demand in the fabric merchandising industry.

Armed with a background in interior design and textile merchandising, they have put up shop to adhere to a principal vision: provide quality and cost efficient upholstery materials, trimmings, furniture and accessories. The company has built a list of valuable clients that includes architects, interior designers, furniture and curtain manufacturers.

Through the years, Townes has provided fabrics nationwide for residential and contract projects, including hotels, restaurants and corporate offices.


Fabric can make or break an interior space. We at Townes aim to help you create a haven that’s stylish, comfortable and personal.

We offer modern and traditional upholstery and curtain fabrics for indoor and outdoor use, leatherette, curtain and upholstery trimmings, solid wood and upholstered furniture and home accessories.

Townes is known for fashionable and durable fabrics, which were carefully chosen from suppliers from all over the globe, based on research of current market trends.